The Journey


Not ready to travel yet? Stay with us!
We’ve prepared an itinerary to let you re-descover some of the finest bars and most talented bartenders we have met during the "Innovation Journey". Follow our new #TravelFromTheCouch series from the comfort of your own home.
Are you ready to take off? These videos were shot before the lockdown and in complete safety. #Staysafe

Innovation Hunter

Innovation is the secret ingredient
to the world’s finest cocktails.
Follow our brand ambassadors as they travel the world
in search of mixology inspiration.

Bar Tag

Nothing fosters innovation like two cultures
that collide for one night only.
Follow the fireworks as the best mixologists
take on guest bar shifts in a different country.

The Brand Ambassadors

The Disaronno brand ambassadors are more than a team. They are a family of some of the most respected titans of the industry, who have signed up to spread the versatile and refreshing taste of Disaronno wherever they go.
Click on a profile below to discover more, and if there’s one from your area, send him/her a message to see what’s happening near you.